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*This does not in anyway cover all of the technical terms, just ones that you may hear me use on videos or read in captions.

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I am naturally a curious person, and love to learn how things are made so I have included some extra details, technical terms and definitions. This by no means covers everything you need to know, you have to do a lot more research if you are interested but these will get you started.

3 Stages of Pottery

First Stage - Greenware - Very fragile, if broken once bone dry, the clay can be reused/reclaimed by breaking it down and rehydrating. Rarely can the piece itself be saved by repair, its likely to crack again in the following stages.

Second Stage - Bisque - Has been fired once. The clay body is stronger, will absorb moisture but will not break down if left submerged, cannot reclaim. Ready to be glazed.

Third Stage - Glaze - Final firing 2232°F the glazes will melt, bonding to the clay body and as it cools it hardens. If glaze breaks, it is razor sharp, like a piece of broken glass.


Straight from Marriam-Webster website*

Definition of ceramic glaze: a mixture of powdered materials that often includes a premelted glass made into a slip and applied to a ceramic body by spraying or dipping and capable of fusing to glassy coating when dried and fired

Casualties happen.

Some pieces develop cracks after their first firing, some don’t appear until the glaze firing. The pieces expand and contract and sometimes the glaze and clay don't do it at the same rate which results in pressure cracks.

Pottery vs Ceramic


plural potteries

1: a place where clayware is made and fired 

2a : the art or craft of the potter

b : the manufacture of clayware 

3: clayware;  especially  : earthenware as distinguished from porcelain and stoneware and from brick and tile


: of or relating to the manufacture of any product (such as earthenware, porcelain, or brick) made essentially from a nonmetallic mineral (such as clay) by firing at a high temperature;  also  : of or relating to such a product

Synonyms and Antonyms of pottery
  articles made of baked clay 
'We picked up some ceramic vases in a 
pottery store.'
Synonyms of pottery
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